Neil Konouchi

I'm a session tuba player from Nashville, TN.


Neil Konouchi is a session musician and orchestral tuba player based in Nashville, TN. He can be heard on numerous motion picture, TV, and video game soundtracks and has recorded and performed with artists including Jack White, Taylor Swift, Yo-Yo Ma, Alice Cooper, and many others. His credits also include the Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Minecraft, and Star Wars video game franchises. As an orchestral musician, Neil is the principal tubist for the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera and a frequent substitute/extra with the Nashville Symphony. He has had the pleasure of appearing on four of the Nashville Symphony's multiple Grammy-nominated recordings.In addition to performing, Neil is an experienced music educator, arranger, and adjudicator. He has worked in various capacities with several Bands of America finalist and semifinalist bands across the Southeast and has been part of the principal design team for the competitive marching ensembles at Father Ryan High School since 2008. He serves as an adjudicator for fall and winter circuits including SCGC, CWEA, and WGASC.Neil attended the University of Southern California where he studied with the legendary studio musicians Tommy Johnson and Jim Self and finished his coursework at the Berklee College of Music where his instructors included Greg Fritze, Charles Lewis, and Phil Wilson.Neil is proud to be a Patrick Mouthpieces performing artist.

Primary Equipment

  • B&S 3198 CC Tuba (PT-6P)

  • Meinl Weston 3450 CC Tuba

  • Meinl Weston 2182 F Tuba

  • Kanstul 80-S F Tuba

  • Rudolf Meinl CC Cimbasso

  • Conn 20K BBb Sousaphone

  • Patrick Mouthpieces NK Artist Model


Some of the projects I've appeared on:


I'm available for sessions, overdubs, teaching, judging, arranging, and more.Please feel free to reach out with any questions!